The Protection of the Mother of God Convent in Tervenichi


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The convent is one of the most recent Russian Orthodox monasteries. It is located in the village of Tervenichi, Lodeynoye Polye district, on the edge of the Leningrad region which is about 280 km to the east from St. Petersburg. Nowadays monasteries are mostly re-opened on sites of destroyed monasteries, i.e. where previously there was the monastic life.

Before the October Revolution in 1917 no monasteries existed in Tervenichi. There were only parish churches that ceased to exist during the Soviet period. Around the ruins of one of such churches – a stone-made Assumption church (now the Protection of the Mother of God church) – our convent was built in the 90-ies of the XX century.

The convent originated from the Sisterhood which grew from the Orthodox community at the church of the Holy Martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sophia in St. Petersburg which is now the convent’s town representation. The foundation day is 1 June 1991, when future nuns headed by the convent founder and father confessor, then a young hieromonk, now Bishop of Blagoveshchensk and Tynda, Lucian (Kutsenko) discovered a place for the convent. With the blessing of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga, Ioannes (Snychyov) the sisterhood was established in Tervenichi in summer 1991, which in 1997 received the status of the convent. One of the first nuns - Mother Luciana (Ryseva) became the abbess.

Such history of the convent emergence largely determined its originality (spirit, way of life) and further development, which began with the search and finding of our main shrines – the Tervenichi icon of the Mother of God and the holy spring. Now the convent has about 30 nuns. Some of them live in the convent and some - in the skete and in the town representations. 

  • Mother Superior - Abbess Luciana / Ryseva /
  • Confessor Father - Bishop Lucian / Kutsenko /
  • Priest - hieromonk Herman / Shinkarenko /
  • Vicaress - nun Necktaria /Levichek /
  • Provisor - nun Anna / Evtushevskaya /